TO BE CONTROLLED; IT MEANS TO BE STRONG! If trading was an easy job, everyone would be a trader. You are in that business that not everyone dares. So, what do you think makes trading a business of courage? Managing many processes, people, warehouses, products and money at the same time? If you think like this, you know that it is difficult to control and keep control of processes.

ERROR IN SHIPPING IS A HEADACHE… If you think that the product you ordered should be prepared completely, without excess, by your suppliers, if you want to be sure what products are inside before you open the parcels that come to your warehouse, if you want to be informed whether a product you did not order enters your warehouse, briefly if you want error-free shipping, you should check this process tightly, but how? ?

SOLUTION IS SIMPLE: SHIPMENT LIST When you think of the Shipping List, you should not think of the information listed on a long piece of paper. Shipping List is a mobile application with web interface, which can be downloaded from GooglePlay and Appstore. By logging in with your suppliers' usernames and passwords specially created for them by you; It is an application that creates the shipment list through the mobile application during the packaging and shipping process of the products you order, and you are informed about all the products placed in the box while your order is being shipped. What more!

EVERYTHING UNDER YOUR CONTROL WITH THE SHIPMENT LIST! Thanks to the Shipment List, where your suppliers will report all the products packaged while preparing the products you ordered for cargo; Get all the details of your products in your pocket before you set off. Peace of mind!