SUPPLY HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY! It is very important to be innovative and to offer product variety in order to exist properly in the world of trade. So, how possible is it to supply the right product with a complete process, among all the work and the process to be managed? Need to set up an ingenious purchasing department? Do you need to spare time for days and visit suppliers? Isn't that easy?

CAN YOU GET THE RIGHT PRODUCT TO SELL? In order to increase your product range, you need to constantly find suppliers and constantly chase new products. In the world of commerce, where there are countless suppliers, confusion may occur in the purchasing process. Which product is better, which sells quickly, there are many criteria to consider and thousands of product types to examine. So do you have time for this?

PROFESSIONAL SUPPLY: DIGITAL, FAST, READY With the username and password you will set for your suppliers, your suppliers' own products; Consider a system where it will save with product photos and information. A world where all new products, with their photos and detailed information, are registered in your own system; moreover mobile. With the web interface SerTedarik application, which can be downloaded from Google Play and Appstore; Let your suppliers present their products to you with all the details, check which products your purchasing department buys and which ones they do not, the information of the purchased products is transmitted to your accounting program, your products are processed simultaneously in your e-commerce systems, stock cards are opened and their barcodes are prepared.

NOT A DREAM; HARDENED! None of what we have told is a dream, let it be your reality now. Do not overlook the procurement process. All your problems are no longer a problem with our thoughtful and thoughtful systems for you every step of the way.