REAL STORE, INSTANT ORDER! You greeted your customers who came to your store with your friendly staff, you are sure of your service quality, you trust your products, your customer liked many products while visiting your store, asked for their prices and information, and finally said that he wanted to add them to his order. If it did this for a few products, you would have done it quickly, but is the same speed possible when it comes to hundreds of products?

CROWDED IN THE STORE, QUEUE AT THE CASE… The crowd of your customers visiting your store and the consecutive orders may make you happy. Then, does the long queue at the checkout satisfy your customers? Wouldn't your speed be faster if there was an application where all product information can be presented to the customer instantly, the stocks of the favorite products are checked and added to the basket virtually, a current account and record can be created instantly, and the order form can be created with a few clicks?

TAKING THE ORDER CORRECTLY IS AS IMPORTANT AS DELIVERYING THE PRODUCT! Your customer liked dozens of products, you put them all in the basket, you scanned the barcodes one by one, the prices were collected, the full order will be created, and you learned that some of the products were sold in your online store and the stocks decreased. While this turmoil lasted for minutes, think of this event as well, or come and meet SerMagaza!

IT IS THAT SIMPLE TO ORDER! With SerMagaza, if your customer whose order you want to create is registered in your accounting program, you can view the current card directly, if it is not registered, you can open the current card integrated with your accounting program, check the stock and price of the ordered products, instantly see the total amount and create the order, direct your customer to the cashier with the order receipt and pay in seconds. You can skip to step. The sales made with SerMağaza are instantly reflected in the accounting program and your stocks are updated, the products sold are removed from your online store, besides, you can follow which of your personnel has made sales to which customer and how much.